Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spring Skin Is In.

The upside to Spring... well that's obvious. The downside to Spring (if you had to pick one!)... the skin is exposed after a long and cold Winter and not exactly looking its best. Thankfully I have gotten my hands on a few products that will tame unkept brows I can no longer hide under Winter hats and will rejuvenate my wintery skin an enhance my spring glow.

Brows are one of our most important features, the shape defines and molds the face. My brows are a tad patchy (from those dreaded teenage years of over plucking) and seem to get swept in every direction possible. Invest in a great eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse areas and a gel to hold those perfectly shaped brows in place.

After 3 months of neglecting your skin it's time to whip out the body oil. A dry oil repairs, nourishes and softens skin. It is easily absorbed and can be used all over your body including your hair (gotta love multi-purpose products!).

 Fake it till you make it with a beautiful highlighter (no not your average fluro yellow highlighter). For glowing summer skin wear it under foundation, add to your foundation or gently blend on top of your cheek and collar bones (sometimes I do all three).

See you in 9 months Winter!

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